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Accelerate Your Bucket List with Lisa Sakai

February 22, 2024 Jenny Alday Townsend Season 2 Episode 114
Stroke It Guide Podcast
Accelerate Your Bucket List with Lisa Sakai
Show Notes

Lisa Sakai, co-founder of One Vision Retirement, shares her insights on personal development, financial planning, and finding fulfillment in life. She emphasizes the importance of fueling oneself for success through daily gratitude, reading, and personal growth. Lisa also discusses the need to define one's path and not be influenced solely by societal expectations. In her words “People don’t know what they want. They know what society tells them they should want…But [they're] an individual and  have individual things that they need to be doing with their money.” Lisa encourages us to live our life now and in doing so learn what’s important to us. Maybe it is travel, or maybe it’s something completely different. If we can discover what we love now we can live more fully in the present and make financial decisions that are aligned with our needs. Align your “Why” with your financial decisions and create “the movie of your life.”

Lisa also discusses the importance of working together with your spouse when it comes to money. She shares her own experience of initially feeling embarrassed and uneducated about finance, which led to making decisions out of fear. She emphasizes the need for open and ongoing conversations about money and suggests starting with small steps, such as reading articles or following influencers in finance.

Finally, Lisa encourages listeners to dream big and without limitations! It’s time to create your bucket list!

Resources mentioned in the show

The Courage to be Disliked by Fumitake Koga Ichiro Kishimi

Happy Mind, Happy Life by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

The Psychology of Money

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