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Love Yourself First with Relationship Coach Jeanell Greene

December 28, 2023 Jenny Alday Townsend Season 2 Episode 106
Stroke It Guide Podcast
Love Yourself First with Relationship Coach Jeanell Greene
Show Notes

In this episode, Jenny interviews Jeanelle Green, a relationship coach and marriage expert.  Jeanell shares her personal story of how childhood experiences shaped her relationships and the importance of forgiveness and healing. She emphasizes the need to love oneself first and offers coaching and support for personal growth. She provides some practical tips for enhancing marriages and emphasizes the importance of understanding and meeting each other's needs. She also encourages listeners to take ownership of their lives and live according to their values. Overall, the conversation provides valuable insights and guidance for creating and maintaining healthy and fulfilling relationships.


Childhood experiences can have a significant impact on our relationships as adults.

Forgiveness and healing are powerful tools for personal growth and improving relationships.

Loving oneself is essential for happiness and fulfillment in relationships.

Coaching and support can provide guidance and accountability for personal growth.

About Jeanell Greene

I am a passionate, no BS Relationship coach and speaker who loves to get deep, vulnerable, and intimate conversations. I am a Certified Life and Relationship coach and work with both couples and individuals to find more power, freedom, and joy in life, especially within the family. I love talking about love and forgiveness as my parents separated when my dad cheated on my mom and had a child and left us. With faith, my dad returned home and my mom forgave, but I later discovered there was still trauma I had to deal with. My life took a huge turn when I was going through divorce as a Filipino/catholic, which was what led me to do the inner work to heal myself. I love sharing how I was able to get responsible for my behavior and release my ex-husband with no malice or trauma and as a result, only spent $80 for our divorce papers. I got my calling when I turned 40. I left my Job in Corporate Sales being top of the pack making $130k to pursue my passion of helping people heal and now creating the relationship and vocation of my dreams. I love talking about mindset, integrity, breaking the rules, entrepreneurship rollercoaster, forgiveness, fear, love, infidelity, family, the importance of goals, and knowing your core values and purpose in this lifetime. I also love talking about the crazy stories of my life like when I met the Queen of England, almost got arrested, and landed on the front page of a newspaper when I was 6 years old, and how that 6-year-old is who I want to be when I grow up.

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