Stroke It Guide Podcast

“Why Would You Wait for Something Terrible to Happen in Your Life to Start Living?”- Adventurer Kaylee Johnson

November 16, 2023 Jenny Alday Townsend Season 1 Episode 100
Stroke It Guide Podcast
“Why Would You Wait for Something Terrible to Happen in Your Life to Start Living?”- Adventurer Kaylee Johnson
Show Notes

It’s our 100th Episode and the end of season 1 so today's show is truly special. This episode is Highly recommended for individuals looking to make a major life change, business owners, middle managers, or anyone in a relationship.

On today's episode, I caught up with my friend, Kaylee Johnson. Kaylee managed my business, Music Compound for several years before heading off to hike the Appalachian trail in 2022.  We start with a conversation about embarking on a life-altering adventure. Last year, Kaylee and her now husband, Jared decided to hike the Appalachian Trail. I asked what went into making that choice and some of the challenges they faced. Kaylee shares that there can be a lot of concern over leaving your career when you are just starting to build it.

After all, “What type of person can just take six months off” but  “Six months is just a blip. In five years, you're not gonna remember what you did for any basic six-month stretch of time unless you go hike the AT or do something big.” Kaylee shared some lessons from the trail. Including how she learned happiness is the result of time spent well with people you love, and how living simply can allow you the freedom to shift your priorities even in the ‘post-trail-real-world’.  She offers great advice for anyone looking to embark on a new lifestyle including how to quit your job, what kind of money something like this costs, and what questions you need to ask yourself before making that kind of change.

We then talk about our time working together, and how employers and employees can work together to build a creative, lucrative business, with a culture that spawns loyalty, community and ingenuity. Kaylee shares three tips to be a good listener, spoiler alert it all comes down to context!

We talk about relationships and Kaylee shares that she and her husband work very hard to keep miscommunications at bay. From managing expectations ahead of time to allowing each other space and respect even when they aren’t able to show up at their best.

Finally, Kaylee reminds us that we’re all the main characters in our own life so while sometimes a friend or even loved one may act in a way that we don’t understand, chances are it wasn’t on purpose simply because we’re not the main character in their story. Just like our actions will influence others in ways we haven’t perceived, so it’s better to give each other grace and not take it so personally.

About Kaylee Johnson:

Kaylee is a hiker and explorer. Her goal is to live simply, see beautiful places, and meet interesting people. Living simply and sustainably her goal is to enjoy life fully now since tomorrow is not promised.

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