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“I Couldn’t Be Happy for Anyone Else” How I Changed My Life With Just 20 Minutes a Day.  -Ashley Stapleton

November 02, 2023 Jenny Alday Townsend Season 1 Episode 98
Stroke It Guide Podcast
“I Couldn’t Be Happy for Anyone Else” How I Changed My Life With Just 20 Minutes a Day.  -Ashley Stapleton
Show Notes

Join me as I chat with a long-time friend, Ashley Stapleton. Ashley is a wife, mom, and entrepreneur, who completely turned her story and her life around. We talk today about the exact steps she took to stroke herself, her marriage, and her business.

“I can’t imagine going back to that place now” she related when she thought about how different her mindset was five years prior, as she cared for her infant daughter suffering from Kidney disease. “I couldn't be happy for anyone else” I was so wrapped up in a “poor me mentality.” Ashley shares her struggles at her lowest point, and how she decided to make a change. Starting with just 20 minutes a day as time just for herself.

“I listened to Tony Robbins. I have listened to You Are a Badass. I love that.” This made “a world of difference. I can't imagine going back to that place now.” By carving out 20 minutes for herself at the beginning of the day she was able to move throughout the day happier and the results showed in her personal life, her marriage, and her professional life.

When it comes to marriage, her advice, “always assume that [your partner is] coming from a good place” Sometimes this means asking questions like “Did you mean to say it that way?” We all make mistakes when communicating and if you address it kindly from the start you can avoid a larger blow-up later. After 10 years of marriage, she also reminds us that relationships are “not always going to be 50-50. It's not always going to be balanced.” In some seasons you may have to step up and shoulder more responsibility at other times your partner will be taking care of you.

When it comes to stroking it in the workplace, Ashley reminds us to simply listen, and not view questions in the workplace as “Problems” that you’re expected to solve.

“You get so much more when you look at them (employees) as a person and really come at it from how are they doing and making sure they're fulfilled and all their boxes are checked too.”

Her final advice is “just be honest” with yourself, your spouse, and in the workplace, Be honest about what you want and need.

About Ashley: I am a mom, work in corporate America, and an entrepreneur chasing my dreams of building a health and wellness business where I get to help moms tone up and build confidence post kids in under 30 minutes a day and without dieting!

Books mentioned in the podcast:

You Are a Badass Series 4 Books Collection Set by Jen Sincero 

Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical & Financial Destiny! Tony Robbins

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