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“The Best Way to Get Good at Something is to Suck at it With Enthusiasm!” - Authenticity Coach Mindy Aisling

September 21, 2023 Jenny Alday Townsend Season 1 Episode 92
Stroke It Guide Podcast
“The Best Way to Get Good at Something is to Suck at it With Enthusiasm!” - Authenticity Coach Mindy Aisling
Show Notes

How do you show up as your authentic self? My guest today is a licensed authenticity coach and she shares some real gems when it comes to stroking yourself and your partner. This is the perfect episode for those trying to grow personally, in their relationship, and in the bedroom. ;)

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is my recipe for fulfillment? What is it that I need to show up as my best self?” Mindy shares some great tips so you can get started doing just that.

Whether you are single or committed to a partner, we’re reminded today that our happiness is our responsibility, no one elses. So, how do we observe where we are in our day-to-day life now to make impactful positive change? As Mindy says “ You have to give yourself the time and love that you deserve.”

Mindy reminds you to “not hold your partner in a box.” We are always changing, you aren’t who you were yesterday and neither are they. Start the morning by asking, “Who are [they] today.” Mindy reminds us that everything we want in life requires “attention and intention” *Think Love Languages meets Stroke it. #Preach

Finally, the topic gets a little spicy as we explore the concept of authentic sexuality. We’re reminded that we aren’t taught about our sexuality. We may learn about the birds and the bees, but not about our sexuality. Mindy shares some tips for further exploring this and communicating it with your partner.

Mindy’s closing advice “The best way to get good at something is to suck at it with enthusiasm.”

So what are you going to enthusiastically fail at?

Want to learn more about Mindy?

Mindy Aisling is a professionally trained, board-certified authenticity coach and licensed mediator. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of human potential, Mindy guides clients on their journeys toward authentic personal and professional fulfillment with a unique coaching style of expertise, experience, and fierce support. Mindy offers remote 1:1 Coaching, DIY Coaching Courses, and Live Group Authenticity Empowerment Courses. In her free time, you can find Mindy backpacking in the wilderness, hunting epiphanies, or working in her garden.


Instagram: mindyamitaaisling

Facebook: Mindy Amita Aisling

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