Stroke It Guide Podcast

“You have to be your own cheerleader.” -Mariela Ayala

August 24, 2023 Jenny Alday Townsend Season 1 Episode 88
Stroke It Guide Podcast
“You have to be your own cheerleader.” -Mariela Ayala
Show Notes

Mariela shares her story of strength and determination. This episode is perfect for anyone in a relationship or looking to overcome personal struggles. After Mariela was told at 28 years old that she had the health of a 90-year-old she set to work changing her life. She reminds us to stop making excuses and to get out of our own way. As she says, “You have to be your own cheerleader” You have to believe in yourself and celebrate incremental changes.

Mariela also shares some harsh truths about relationships with friends and family. Reminding us a relationship is a two-way street. We need to have people in our lives who support us, and we also have to return the favor. She shares her parent's advice for overcoming hardship, “you have one time to say your problem, and you better have 50 million solutions following that.” #moveon

Finally, we get some advice on stroking our spouses, while Mariela is currently seeking her life partner, her work as a paralegal has offered her a front-row seat to what makes and breaks a marriage. “Most couples don’t struggle to make money, they fight over spending it”. Do your homework before you commit to marriage and don’t hesitate to ask tough financial questions. Mariela also shared the many advantages for both parties to get a prenup and why it may make sense for you to get a postnup update.

Last but not least, Mariela shares her palpable wanderlust with us. Sharing that her goal is someday when a younger relative asks in awe, “You did that?!?” and be able to answer “Yes, yes I did, and you can too!” What an inspiration to take with us as we move through our life.

About Mariela:

Mariela Ayala is a New York Puerto Rican residing in Tampa Florida. Over The past Decade lost over 189 lbs pounds. After a long battle with disability, a medical misdiagnosis was found after 20 years. With nothing holding Mariela back now, she shares her journey, and how overcoming her trials and tribulations, got her to where she is today.

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