Stroke It Guide Podcast

"Happiness is an inside job” by Stefanie

July 27, 2023 Jenny Alday Townsend
Stroke It Guide Podcast
"Happiness is an inside job” by Stefanie
Show Notes

Want to learn more about your purpose and natal chart? Stefanie shares how we can utilize astrology to better understand ourselves and why things are happening the way they do. With an open mind, you can understand your gifts and how to best use them to enhance your life.

We break down stroking ourselves, spouse and the bedroom. “Happiness is an inside job” Stefanie says. She wants to encourage you take ownership of your own happiness and not expect others to do it for you.

It’s never to late to contribute and take action. Give yourself permission to change. And lean into it.

Book recommendations:
Astrology Workbook by Stefanie Caponi.

Guided Astrology Workbook: A Step-by-Step Guide for Deep Insight into Your Astrological Signs, Birth Chart, and Life (Guided Readings)

I will teach you how to be rich.

About Stefanie:
Stefanie Caponi (she/her) is a Colorado-based astrologer, tarot reader, illustrator, and best-selling author of Guided Tarot, Guided Tarot for Teens, and Guided Astrology. Her work is centered around exploring shadow work, healing, and creativity using tarot and astrology as a vehicle to access the hidden realms of the self. She has been reading tarot for more than 20 years, and established her business as a professional tarot reader after creating her first tarot deck, The Moon Void Tarot. Connect with Stefanie on Instagram @moonvoidtarot and

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