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"You deserve to be wealthy. You deserve to be in the room" by Melissa

July 13, 2023 Jenny Alday Townsend Season 1 Episode 81
Stroke It Guide Podcast
"You deserve to be wealthy. You deserve to be in the room" by Melissa
Show Notes

‌There is not better time to level up your circle and investment portfolio. Melissa will inspire you to begin saving for your first or next investment property so that you can become wealthy. She breaks down how to become an investor with a small investment. Consider a savings plan and your circle.

Melissa recently leveled up her for conversations and circle of friends by placing herself in rooms with those that were elevating their life. She talks about fear, imposter syndrome, and loneliness.

“You deserve to be wealthy. You deserve to be in the room”. We want to encourage you to find a mentor or someone you aspire to be. Ask questions and connect with those individuals doing what you want to do. You can do it too and there is plenty of business and knowledge out there. Consider who you can connect with today? Tomorrow?

How? Facebook groups, DM, meet up, women’s groups. Find a hobby that has like minded people doing the same thing.

You are capable of anything. It takes vision and a plan. Connect with us to learn more.

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About Melissa:

Melissa has been helping families find homes and communities for over 5 years. Her degree from Arizona State University was hard earned and finally completed when she was 42. After working in several fields real estate and finances has been a natural fit for her, combining all of her business, negotiating and life skills as well as her mission to bring financial education and wealth building tools to her community. Her 3 children are 3rd generation Arizonans. As an empty nester she enjoys sharing her life experiences with her family and others to engage, inspire and educate people to be their most authentic self. She is the founder of Femmevestor, an educational platform that teaches individuals how to build a strong real estate portfolio to increase net worth. Her online courses, FemmeVestor Academy take you from owning your first home to buying your first investment property. She is a creative and dedicated force committed to uplifting women and helping her friends and clients find financial freedom and build generational wealth!

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