Stroke It Guide Podcast

Celebrations are key to Stroking.

July 04, 2023 Jenny Alday Townsend Season 1 Episode 79
Stroke It Guide Podcast
Celebrations are key to Stroking.
Show Notes

When was the last time you Stroked yourself? Have you ever? In other words, How do you celebrate yourself and others?

Ways to celebrate yourself:

  • Buy yourself Flowers
  • Schedule coffee with someone to share your great news
  • Journal
  • Buy yourself art or jewelry
  • Schedule a treatment (massage, hair, nail, sound bath, acupuncture)

Ways to celebrate others:

Birthdays and Anniversaries

  • Look up the year on google. Typically, you will see about colors, gift ideas and themes. For example, My mother in law just turned 75. Did you know it was the year of Diamonds, orchids, and platinum? Yes. My table incorporated all three and we bought her diamond jewelry.

Learning their love language. This will help you select that right way to gift.

Words of Affirmations: Sign with words that connect with their accomplishment or milestone. Send an email or text with kind WORDS.

Acts of Service: Take a task off their plate or provide a promotion

Gifts: See google for ideas or buy a gift cert to their favorite store or restaurant.

Personal touch: Gift certificate for a massage or mani/pedi. Walk holding hands. Or offer a big hug.

Quality time: Schedule time with this person.

Cheers to you! Life is challenging but rewarding. Remember to celebrate your small and big wins. Small wins are just as important as big wins. I have found that if I celebrate the small steps it makes the big leaps much easier.

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